Diabetes in Cats – Katzenworld

Here you can find some valuable information from our friends at Katzenworld. – Rose & The Kitty Krew 😺


Diabetes in Cats This year’s National Pet Show at Birmingham’s NEC has partnered with PDSA Pet Insurance to help educate and raise awareness to all owners about pet welfare and the importance of your pet having a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is a growing problem in humans and the situation is just as serious when it [more…]

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 216) – Katzenworld

Yay! It’s #TummyRubTuesday time again! 😀 Enjoy this week’s post from Katzenworld.
When you’ve finished, you might want to snap up one of the BARGAIN felt cave caves from the Katzenworld shop. They are  currently offering a super huge 20% off their already reduced entire felt cat cave range.
Simply enter feltcave during checkout!
They will also include a free gingerbread man valerian toy with each cat CAVE. I’ve got ours on order 😉 – Rose & The Kitty Krew 😺


Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. We have setup a Katzenworld Forum and would like to encourage everyone to make their entries for Tummy Rub Tuesday on our dedicated [more…]

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A cat who can’t Stop Crying is now on the Lookout for a new Home – Katzenworld

Another lovely post from our furiends at Katzenworld. Igloo sounds adorable. I’m sure she will find a furever home very soon. – Rose and The Kitty Krew.


A cat who can’t Stop Crying is now on the Lookout for a new Home A stray cat, who has problems with her eyes which causes her to have constant tears, is now looking for a new home. The one-year-old black feline was first brought into animal welfare charity, Mayhew, by a member of the [more…]

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Guest Story: Raising Your Mortal Enemy – Katzenworld

Few words needed to tell you my feelings for this post from Katzenworld. Simply wonderful! 😻 ❤️😺❤️  – Rose (and The Kitty Krew).

The following post is an entry by Robert Turner We just had to share it as it highlights how animals of different species are capable of compassion for each other. Something us humans should learn from them… Guest Story: Raising Your Mortal Enemy I’ve posted before on my love for our furry friends. I am [more …]

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Floofy Foot Friday

Hi guys. I love the feet of all my kitties.

They’re gorgeous with their cute pink and/or black beans. Most of my cats have adorable fur in between their toes toe, which I refer to as their floof – hence floofy feet.

I thought I can’t be the only person who finds cat’s feet adorable (let’s face it, I find everything to do with a cat adorable), so decided to share photos of my cat’s feet with you during the oncoming weeks.

Let’s start with the baby of the bunch, Dewey.


Dewey is a male neutered Ragdoll, and is 1 year 8 months old. He’s quite a character 😻

One of his favourite pastimes is playing ‘Zoomies’, which involves running around the cat run, house, and up and down the stairs (and repeating the circuit until bored) at full speed for no apparent reason. This can be down singularly, or as a group of two or more cats.

I hope you’ll agree that Dewey has quite wonderful foot floof:


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If your cats have floofy feet, or even bald feet, I’d love to see them. 😀

– Rose and The Kitty Krew x

REVIEW: Scrumbilicious food from Scrumbles!


Hi everypawdy! Taivas here again, taking over hooman mummy’s blog 😸

Time to let you know how my bro-furs, sis-furs and myself are getting on trying out the Scrumbles dry cat food. We thought you might like some photos to see our reactions. Oh, and we have a discount code from the kind people at Scrumbles. Details of that at the end of the post.



“Meow!, meow!, meow!” Shouts Pepper to the other cats. “A new box has appeared!! I love boxes ❤️”

cof“Never mind your box obsession” says Taivas, “I think I can smell goodies in that box. We need to unpack it properly!” cof

“Finally the goodies are unpacked!! They smell delicious too. Being such a big cat, with big strong paws and claws, I managed to save mummy some time by opening a bag for her.

They smelt so good once the bag was open, I decided to hide this bag to keep for myself. “This is my bag!”

I don’t understand how mummy knew it was me!? Especially when I sat so innocently in the box after hiding the biscuits. IMG_20180905_082326.jpg

Mummy said I had to share the biscuits. 😕 Dewey did that thing with his leg that mummy can’t resist (and I can’t work out), so he ended up tasting the biscuits first.

I made sure I was ready to sneak in as soon as he took a break though!

We both found the biscuits very tasty, but we were only allowed a few as mummy always mixes new biscuits in with our current ones, as we get used to them. She says it should help prevent problems with our tummies.

She did make sure that each of us kitties had a taster first though. We all gave our paws of approval, except for Onni. He didn’t seem too sure, although we think he’s eating the Scrumbles in with our current food from the bowls that are down. He’s always a bit picky though, so this wasn’t unusual.

Even the elusive Cookie and Flash, who don’t generally hang around when mummy is taking photos, stayed with us for a while to get to test the food.

Well that’s what us kitties think of the biscuits. Mummy is still feeding them with our usual food, gradually increasing the amount of Scrumbles in our bowls. We’ll update you again if necessary. I will hand over to mummy now for the boring bits. Purrs and head bumps from Taivas 🐾 😺 img-20180904-wa0003


I decided to look into this complete dry food from Scrumbles after reading a positive review from our friends over at Katzenworld click here for their review). I know that like me, they really care about the quality of food they feed their kitties. I’m glad I did, as my kitties are really enjoying it.

I do have one slight niggle with the food however, and that is the size of the biscuits. – They’re quite small, as can be seen in the photo below. I was hoping they’d be larger, as I’ve been searching for a good quality biscuit big enough for all my cats to crunch on. My vet has told me that crunching on the biscuits is better for their teeth. IMG_20180908_143944.jpg

As well as liking the ingredients, I love that the food is cooked and packed in the UK. Check out their information, food available and prices on their website: Scrumbles and don’t forget I have arranged a discount code for my readers.  Enter the code “roseytoes” for a £1 discount off your order.

Let me know your thoughts about Scrumbles.



Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 215) – Katzenworld

Well it’s Tuesday, and regular readers will know what that means. It’s Tummy Rub Tuesday!! 😀 These are weekly posts from my friends at Katzenworld, which feature the most adorable photos of their readers cats. Check it out below, and why not send in an entry of your own kitty? – Rose. 


Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. We have setup a Katzenworld Forum and would like to encourage everyone to make their entries for Tummy Rub Tuesday on our dedicated [more …]

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Have you Ever Wondered What the top how-to cat Videos on YouTube are? – Katzenworld

I read this great post from my Katzenworld friends last night, but it was just before I went to bed, so too late to share. So here it is this morning. There are some great videos here, both entertaining and informative. The first video reminds me of successfully training Dewey to shake his paw for treats 🐾😀 You can see him doing this in his entry for The Face of Amazon Pets here: Dewey. Jackson Galaxy’s video is also fab. You’ll often catch me blinking at my cats, as this is something I’ve read about too. I must say though I wasn’t so happy to watch the cat being bathed. 😕 I hope you enjoy the videos, let me know your thoughts. – Rose  



That’s right together with the help of the team at YouTube who compiled stats for last months International Cat Day, we’ve prepared a list of the top how-to cat videos In place 1 with 12.949.286 views at the time of writing this post, we’ve got the How I Trained My Cats by JunsKitchen! Not just does this video [more …]

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Is your pet entered?

15366033532474195794814119987413Have you noticed that Amazon UK is looking for “The Face of Amazon Pets” ? I’m sure we all feel our babies are worthy of this title. – I know mine are. 😻

Get your entries in soon, as entries close on Sunday 16th September. (See end of post for link to full details of competition)

How the competition works
  • Post a photo or video of your pet on Instagram, Twitter, or Amazon.co.uk’s Facebook page with the hashtag #amazonpets and explain why your pet should be the next Face of Amazon Pets. Simple!
  • The categories are Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Small animals, Horses, and Reptiles
  • The overall winner will receive a £1,500 Amazon Gift Card, participate in a photo-shoot, and be featured on Amazon.co.uk; the category winners will receive a £200 Amazon gift card.
For more details on the competition, please reference the full Terms & Conditions



If you’ve already entered your photo/video I’d love to see your them. Please leave me a comment with their entry link.

If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you’ll know I have seven cats, so as you can imagine it’s been a very difficult task to decide who to enter. All my kitties are gorgeous. But I had to think about the possibity of them winning, and therefore only consider those who wouldn’t be stressed by the outcome of the win ie the photo shoot.


My fur-babies and fur-angels

That’s why I chose to enter Dewey and Onni. I had meant to only enter one cat, but couldn’t chose between these. I hope you agree they’re both deserving of the title.

Here are the links to their entries (which were both made by Instagram), just click on their name and you should be taken directly to each individual entry. If you agree they should be The Face of Amazon, please leave a like/comment on their entries: Dewey  Onni

Here’s the link for full details for competition: The Face of Amazon Pets

Good luck everybody entered! 😀 🤞

Worldwide Giveaway: The Logic of Cats Card by Cardology – Katzenworld

Hi everyone. Here’s one of Katzenworld’s great giveaway posts. The pop up card they’re giving away from Cardology looks fantastic! 😀 – Rose.



Hi everyone, In our third giveaway with Cardology and their handcrafted pop up cards we are giving you a look at one of their original cat cards. And this card so purrfectly reflects the behaviour of our feline friends… We’ve all been in this situation, may it be coming out of the kitchen or trying [more…]

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