The Kitty Krew Review …. 4Cats Premium Cuddle Cushions.

Hi everyone,

(Quite) a while ago now, we were lucky enough to receive a parcel from our friends at Katzenworld. It contained some of the wonderful toys they sell, for The Kitty Krew to review.

There was great excitement when the parcel arrived, and as usual, Pepper was there to check out how good the cardboard box would be for her new den.



She was appalled to find that there were things inside the box, but soon became excited when she realised that these things were toys!!  Not just any old toy either, but 4Cats toys, which is a range of toys that my cats particularly love.

“Hey everypawdy, come quick” she calls, “there are toys in here – and they smell great!”

This grabs the attention of Naja and Taivas, who immediately came rushing to investigate the box. They became very excited, and I had to get the toys out for them, before they destroyed the whole box trying to do so themselves! 😺


The products we are putting through their paces today are the 4Cats Premium Cuddle Cushions.


These can be purchased from the Katzenworld Online Store or the Katzenworld stall, which can be found at a number of different cat shows and pet shows throughout the year.

We are testing one cushion containing catnip, and one containing valerian. – If you’ve never had a valerian toy for your kitties before, be warned that this herb is very smelly!! It has a cheesy socks kind of aroma, which isn’t really pleasant to us cat slaves. However, when you see how much joy it gives to our kitties, I think you’ll agree it’s well worth putting up with. You can see in this YouTube video clip how much Naja is enjoying the Valerian cushion: Naja plays with Valerian cushion

The toys come sealed in a clear plastic wrapper, before being placed inside their individual box. This could be used to pop the toy back into once kitty has finished playing, then bring it out another day (although the box itself isn’t sealed). We like to do this sometimes, so the cats don’t get bored with the toys they have. Having indoor cats, it’s extremely important to keep them stimulated, and this is one tip to help with that.

The fabric of the cushion is wonderfully soft, yet obviously extremely strong judging by the way my Ragdoll boys were licking, biting, kicking and tugging at the cushions without any signs of strain left on them at all.


Our cats can be little snobs when it comes to catnip toys – only the best quality catnip will do! You can smell the quality of the catnip yourself in all 4Cats products – yes, we do go around smelling cat toys before buying them! 😂 There’s no point wasting money on inferior products that have hardly any aroma at all, as we know from experience that they just won’t do for our catnip connoisseurs!


Here are two video clips demonstrating two of our boys enjoying themselves with both of the cushions. I guess they couldn’t decide which one they purr-ferred. 😺 Dewey enjoys both cushions and Taivas thinks the cushions taste great!.

We have a number of 4Cats toys now that we’ve won, purchased, and now been asked to review. Each and every toy has been played with by the whole Krew at some point. They can get horribly covered in cat drool, kicked, bitten, chewed on, tugged, thrown in the air etc, and come through it all unscathed. We have 4Cats toys here that are now over a year old, well played with, and still going strong. In a household of seven cats, I think that says a lot about their quality!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review even half as much as I enjoy watching our kitties play with the toys. Look out for more reviews from us in the future. – Rose and The Kitty Krew 😺



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